Gambia Digital Signage

AMMICS Digital Signage Solutions make distributing your content and managing your signage system easy and affordable

Ammics is a cost-effective, intuitive software for users desiring professional digital displays without the need for a programming specialist; it offers flexibility for the experienced programmer and intuitive design for the novice. Ammics can integrate Video, Graphics, Animation, RSS and many more audio – visual elements

Benefits to Corporate

Communicate latest campaigns

Simple set up and refresh content features

Promote company products and services

Display announcements, instructions and development initiatives to staff

Greet visitors by name

Promote and enhance company brands


Easily integrate live TV with sales messages

Display real time sales and updates

Let employees know of company events

Use in reception areas, staff areas or sales floors

Benefits to Education

Display exam timetables, achievements and notifications to students

Use for motivation and recognition purposes

Greet visitors by name

Communicate messages to teachers, lecturers or tutors

Display photographs and images as slide shows